Vol: 4 Iss: 10

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Many professionals believe the goals of management aren't related to achievement, but on perpetuating one's own position. The management process is a bewildering experience for freshman employees and a cause of anguish to experienced professionals. Common sense says a manager should be...
IBM has announced a new open source-based software and support initiative, called WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (WAS CE). To be available later this year, the software is designed to provide mid-sized businesses, departments in large enterprises and business partners w...
Citrix and VMWare are teaming with IBM to launch the first offering of the new IBM Virtualized Hosted Client Infrastructure that delivers full desktop functionality to any client from highly reliable and secure xSeries and BladeCenter servers.
IBM announced it has acquired DataPower, a Cambridge, Mass.-based, privately-held provider of products that help improve security and speed the processing of computer transactions.
Running applications in WAS for z/OS lets you take advantage of the z/OS built-in Quality of Service features such as reliability, availability, scalability, and serviceability. However, the solution could be very expensive.
Large session objects decrease the JVM memory available for creating and executing application objects. As a result, performance can degrade as the decreased available heap memory leads to more frequent garbage collection.
Mixed-mode deployments where the data center has a mixture of different technology platforms, hardware, and software and where those platforms interoperate together to deliver software applications is the norm rather than an exception.
The need to respond to changing business demands with flexible IT solutions has led many businesses to service oriented architectures (SOAs). An SOA is an IT framework that combines individual business functions and processes, called services, to implement sophisticated business applic...
Random encounters can provide unexpected illumination. If you are the type of person who just starts talking to strangers anywhere anytime, as I am, the conversations that ensue can relate to your work a suprisingly high percentage of the time.