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IBM – Watson

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IBM's Watson

IBM's Watson

In a world of “big data,” IBM offers “the engine for faster insights.” You may remember a computer that trounced the best Jeopardy players of all time, including 74-game winner Ken Jennings. That computer was named Watson, a cognitive system that IBM says may transform how organizations think, act and operate in the future. Watson’s guest appearance on Jeopardy was a showcase for IBM, as it proved that a computer could rapidly interpret, process and respond to questions, more quickly and more accurately than its human opponents.

But Watson is far, far more than merely a quiz show junkie. The technology is now being used to assist healthcare professionals, where medical information doubles every five years and roughly one in every five patients is diagnosed incorrectly. Watson is being used to analyze all available medical data to improve patient outcomes and make processes more efficient. Going to the doctor just got a lot more exciting!

Watson is also being used in the world of finance, where bank data routinely grows 20-30 percent per year, and even up 50 percent per year. There’s no way that any person or financial service could possibly use all this data, but Watson can help analyze this unstructured data to improve credit decisions, investment analysis and risk management.

The story is the same for every field and for every business, we now live in a world of explosive data and IBM is here to help with tools like Watson.  Don’t be scared of big data, get a handle on it.

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