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IBM Delivers Enhanced Quad Core Systems

New IBM System p5(TM) Express Servers and System p5 Solution Editions Provide the Ultimate in Speed, Flexibility and Ordering Si

ARMONK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 08/23/06 -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) today launched a broad range of servers designed to provide industry-leading performance in blade, deskside, and rack-mounted systems providing mid-sized businesses the power, speed and flexibility they need to drive business innovation. IBM expanded its leadership POWER5+(TM) Quad Core module-based family of entry level servers further delivering the mission-critical functionality that clients have come to expect from IBM System p(TM) servers. IBM also announced pre-sized, easy-to-buy solutions System p5 Solution Editions that are specifically priced and available in various sizes to better serve clients. In collaboration with leading software vendors, these offerings provide clients with the flexibility required for their specific computing environments.

IBM's Quad Core Module systems, the computing industry's only four-core processor module, offer clients the performance, reliability features, and flexibility of a POWER5+ system and are priced competitively with x86-based systems. Additionally, clients get virtualization, improved RAS features and a proven track record for running some of the world's most demanding applications. IBM Software Group's new value unit pricing also means QCM-based models are at price parity(1) with x86 dual-core systems on software pricing as well. IBM's low-end systems have built-in DLPAR partitioning capability with the option of adding our leadership Micro-Partitioning(TM) capability.

IBM System p5 Express: Designed and priced specifically for mid-sized businesses

With 10 leadership benchmarks(2), IBM's new low-end systems outperform the competition on workloads including transaction processing, high performance computing, Java(TM) business operations, SAP, floating point, and more. The IBM System p5 550Q beats the new Sun X4600 on 8-core SPECompM2001 by 26%(3) (25,662 units for p5-550Q vs. 20,319 units for X4600). The 2-core p5-520 1.65Ghz (not even the new 2.1GHz system) beats an Opteron-based HP Proliant DL385 by 7%(4) on TPC-C (81,439 tpmc vs. 76,214 tpmc) with a lower $/tpmc ($2.99 vs. $3.91).

The servers offer optional Advanced POWER(TM) Virtualization (APV), which includes Micro-Partitioning technology and Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) V1.3 to help drive system efficiency and utilization. For cost-effective management of the environment, System p5 express servers with APV support the Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM), a Web-based tool that allows clients to set up and manage virtualization, and also include IBM Director for comprehensive platform management of heterogeneous systems from a simple, graphical interface.

Leading the pack of new machines is the IBM System p5 505Q Express, a compact 1U 4-core server using IBM's POWER5+ QCM (Quad Core Module) technology. The 505Q Express, along with its siblings, the System p5 505, 510, 510Q, 520, 520Q, 550 and 550Q -- are fueled by IBM's POWER 5+ processors. IBM's POWER5+ servers offer industry-leading performance in over 70 benchmarks(5). There are two new lines of entry System p servers:

New Quad Core systems for incredible value and performance for the price:

IBM has also updated its line of Quad Core systems -- the first in the industry with four cores per socket -- with the new 1.65GHz POWER5+ Quad Core Module, delivering tremendous performance density and value at prices on par with less capable commodity servers.

    System p5 505Q Express -- Dense 1U, 4-core system for infrastructure
      consolidation and service oriented architecture implementations
    System p5 510Q Express -- 2U, 4-core system for application
    System p5 520Q Express -- Highly configurable 4U, 4-core system
      delivering tremendous value for distributed database and branch
      office applications

IBM also updated our most popular 4 & 8-core system with the 1.65GHz Quad Core module:

    System p5 550Q Express -- 4U form factor for server consolidation,
      mid-size databases and multiple application serving

New Dual-Core systems for outstanding per core performance and memory capacity

IBM has introduced four new systems with the new 2.1GHz POWER5+ processor, our fastest POWER processors ever in our entry system line. These are available in 1- or 2-core configurations that come in 1U, 2U or 4U form factors -- meeting any customer's density and configurability needs. These include:

System p5 505 Express -- Dense 1U systems for infrastructure and
 high-performance computing
System p5 510 Express -- Popular 2U form factor for application serving
System p5 520 Express -- Highly configurable 4U form factor for small
 database and application serving.

IBM also introduced a 2.1 GHz model of its very popular 2 & 4-core system:

System p5 550 Express -- Highly configurable 4U form factor delivering high performance for distributed databases and entry server consolidation

IBM BladeCenter® JS21 Express

IBM BladeCenter JS21 Express blade server, designed with the latest IBM PowerPC® 970MP processor technology, is available in either of two models -- 2-core 2.7 GHz(6) or 4-core 2.5 GHz(6). Both models offer up to 16GB of memory, up to two serial attached SCSI 10K rpm disk drives and optional Advanced POWER Virtualization technologies to enable clients to consolidate multiple workloads on a single blade. Clients may add features to the BladeCenter JS21 Express such as memory, disk drives or I/O expansion cards without sacrificing the special lower price for the base components of the JS21 Express offerings.

IBM IntelliStation® POWER 285 Express

IBM is also offering faster processor options and a new 3D input device for the IntelliStation POWER 285 Express workstation, the SpacePilot which is a new innovation in 3D motion controllers. The 1- and 2-core POWER5+ 2.1GHz processor features provide outstanding workstation performance for complex Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and graphics processing applications.

Integrated and Tested Solutions

New Solution Editions provide easy-to-buy, pre-sized configurations that take the guesswork out of ordering for these popular solutions. Each Solution Edition has been tested and sized to match the specified user requirements to help provide outstanding performance and easy implementation for critical applications such as business intelligence and enterprise resource planning. The systems are preconfigured in up to five basic sizes enabling users to bypass the lengthy process of choosing features and functions for complex business solutions.

Each size is tailored to handle a specific number of users ranging from as few as 100 users and up to 1,000s of users. This simple sizing approach makes it easier for smaller companies, many of which do not have IT departments, to order and deploy the systems, without having to make complicated decisions on features like disk size, memory, number of processors (cores) and so on to support their unique requirements.

System p5 Solution Editions

IBM System p5 Solution Edition for SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI) (7) -- The IBM System p5 Solution Edition for SAP NetWeaver BI provides four presized configurations including System p5 servers, IBM System Storage(TM) DS4800, IBM DB2® Universal Database(TM), and optional services from IBM to support 100 to 1,000 users extending their SAP environment to include data warehousing and business analytics. SAP offers optional services as well.

IBM System p5 Solution Edition for Oracle E-Business Suite(7) -- The IBM System p5 Solution Edition for Oracle E-Business Suite provides five pre-sized configurations to support from 75 to 600 users for Oracle's premier business suite.

IBM System p5 Solution Edition for Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne(7) -- The IBM System p5 Solution Edition for Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne provides five pre-sized configurations capable of supporting from 15 to 750 concurrent users for this popular suite of business applications.

Additional Solution Offerings featuring System p and leading ISV Applications(7)

These Solutions offerings combine selected System p5 servers, middleware platforms, IBM applications and services to help tailor client environments into pre-tested, proven solutions. Developed in conjunction with IBM application partners, integrated offerings recommend common starter configurations covering a range of user requirements. New offerings include:

IBM and Misys Express Solution for Healthcare Providers(7) -- The IBM and Misys Express Solution for Healthcare Providers offers IBM's leading-edge, affordable server hardware configured for use with the suite of Misys applications, such as Misys EMR® for physician and group practices who plan to automate their record storage and clinical workflows. The solution is designed to work the way physicians' offices operate, so workflow is familiar, helping to result in a reduction in staff training time and therefore speed up return on investment.

IBM System p5 for SAP's Enterprise SOA(7) -- A solution combining IBM System p5 servers, IBM System Storage and DB2 9 for supporting SAP's Enterprise SOA (Services Oriented Architecture) adoption program.

Oracle Real Application Clusters for IBM System p5(7) -- The joint technical expertise of Oracle and the IBM Oracle International Competency center (ICC) provide companies with a reference architecture and set of sample configurations combining System p5 servers and System Storage products with Oracle RAC. Clients can choose the configuration option that best matches their needs. Options range from a starter configuration based on a pair of p5-505 servers capable of supporting up to 75 active users to the extra large configuration consisting of a pair of p5-570 servers offering support for up to 5,000 active users.

SAS Forecast Server for AIX 5L(TM) on IBM POWER processor-based systems(7) -- SAS® Forecast Server helps companies save money and increase sales by improving sales forecasting accuracy and shortening forecasting turnaround time when combined with the exceptional performance of System p5 servers and System Storage products.

Sybase Mobility Solution for IBM System p5(7) -- Sybase Unwired Accelerator Mobility Solution enables professionals and mobile field forces to make better decisions and improve productivity though real-time access to ERP, BI and other systems such as SAP, Business Objects and enterprise applications from BlackBerry, PocketPC, Symbian and Palm devices.


Planned availability for the System p5 Express options and the System p5 Solution Editions is August 18, 2006, with configuration support for the Solution Editions planned to be available September 11, 2006.

For more information about IBM, visit http://www.ibm.com

All results current as of 8/21/06. Source of TPC-C results is http://www.tpc.org. Source of SPEC results is http://www.spec.org. Source of LINPACK results is http://performance.netlib.org/performance/html/PDSreports.html

(1) For comparisons of IBM's Processor Value Unit Licensing structure, go to http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/p/hardware/specnote.html

(2) IBM System p5-505 1-core (2.1 GHz) SPECfp2000 result of 3,301;
IBM System p5-505 2-core (2.1 GHz) SPECjbb2005 result of 41,751 business
 operations per sec (bops), 41,751 bops/JVM;
IBM System p5-550 4-core (2.1 GHz) SPECfp2000 result of 4,051;
IBM System p5-550 4-core (2.1 GHz) SPECfp_rate2000 result of 149;
IBM System p5-550 4-core (2.1 GHz) RISC SMP HPC LINPACK result of 31.50
IBM System p5-550 (2.1 GHz) 4-core (2 processor chips, 8 threads)
 SPECompM2001 (peak) result of 19,983;
IBM System p5-550Q 8-core (1.65 GHz) SPECfp_rate2000 result of 202;
IBM System p5-550Q 8-core (1.65 GHz) RISC SMP HPC LINPACK result of 48.96
IBM System p5-550Q (1.65 GHz) 8-core (4 processor chips, 16 threads)
 SPECompM2001 (peak) result of 25,662;
IBM System p5 550Q 8-core (1.65 GHz) SPECjbb2005 result of 127,851
 business operations per sec (bops), 15,981 bops/JVM.

(3) IBM System p5-550Q (1.65 GHz) 8-core (4 processor chips, 16 threads) SPECompM2001 (peak) result of 25,662 compared with Sun Fire X4600 8-core (4 chips, 8 threads) (peak) result of 20,319.

(4) IBM TPC-C result of 81,439 tpmC, $2.99/tpmC on a 2-core (1 processor chip, 4 threads) 1.65 GHz IBM System p5-520 (configuration available 12/22/06) vs. HP TPC-C result of 76,214 tpmC, $3.91/tpmC on a 2-core (2 chips, 2 threads) 2.8 GHz DL385 (configuration available 11/08/05).

(5) For a complete list, go to http://www.ibm.com/servers/eserver/pseries/hardware/system_perf.html

(6) Processor frequency varies depending on model of BladeCenter chassis selected. Autonomic controls may reduce the processor frequency if thermal or power conditions become unacceptable. When acceptable conditions return, the processor frequency will return to its normal speed.

(7) Non-IBM applications are not available from IBM.

IBM is a trademark of IBM Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other company/product names and service marks may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries licensed exclusively through The Open Group.

SPEC and the benchmark names SPECfp and SPEComp, are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation.

TPC-C is a trademark of the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC).

Java and all Java-based trademarks and logos are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.


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IBM Media Relations

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