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Fusionex Launches GIANT, Asia's Premier Big Data Analytics Solution

- Fusionex and GIANT Given the Thumbs Up by the Biggest Names in the Industry

LONDON, Dec. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Fusionex (LSE: FXI), an award-winning and market leading international provider of enterprise software specialising in Analytics and Big Data solutions, announced today the official launch of its Big Data Analytics software (GIANT), the first Big Data Analytics software of its level of comprehensiveness in Asia.

Through GIANT, all processing and integration of data sources will be done with high performance, speed, and agility yet displayed in a user-friendly, intuitive and interactive way. The driving principles behind the creation of GIANT is to shield end-users from the complexities surrounding Big Data, low-level plumbing, hard-core Apache Hadoop and MapReduce programming, thus empowering end-users with the much needed insight from Big Data to run their business without being burdened by in depth programming language and technological complexities. Fusionex emphasises on the need for 'simplicity' and 'efficiency' in helping organisations tame the Big Data challenge.

To cement GIANT's ability to carry out the requisite highly scalable / high speed processing tasks to handle vast amounts of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in a user-friendly manner, Fusionex also established strategic partnerships with two of the most established Hadoop distribution (distro) platforms providers in the world, namely Cloudera and Hortonworks. These strong partnerships are complementary and synergistic in nature; both Cloudera and Hortonworks are reputed for their world class distros, while Fusionex GIANT provides the last-mile solution (business solution) to organisations via Big Data Analytics.

With this, not only are end-users and organisations provided with attractive options on platforms, but these platforms also enhance GIANT's reach to a wider audience as well as increases GIANT's scalability and processing capabilities, leveraging on the world's best Apache Hadoop-powered platforms.

Flexibility and Ease-of-Use ('Simplicity') at the heart of Fusionex GIANT

GIANT is poised to be the leading Big Data Analytics software which affords end-users the flexibility and more importantly, the choice of deploying GIANT depending on their preferred environment, be it an on-premise approach, cloud, hybrid (i.e. combination of on-premise and cloud), parallel processing, or even in-memory processing capabilities, yielding optimised performance for the end-user. Furthermore, all analysis, results and advanced visualisation can be linked and viewed seamlessly via virtually any form factor and device, i.e. PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets etc., a key plus point for users looking for a solution which addresses the need for mobility.

At the same time, the agnostic nature of GIANT's solution is such that the requisite processing and data crunching is capable of taking place from practically any type of server including Dell, HP, IBM etc., thus resulting in lower investments.

GIANT is also arguably one of the most comprehensive Big Data Analytics product in the market, where organisations can leverage on a powerful yet easy-to-use Fusionex GIANT workspace to have an integrated end-to-end, wizard-driven, intuitive experience.

It is able to connect to virtually any well-known industry standard data source (i.e. structured, semi-structured and unstructured / complex), and processes the data at high speed to render interactive advanced data visualisations, results and insights. End-users using GIANT will be able to view the trends, behavioural patterns, information and gain powerful insights through the mined data, thus transforming all data within an organisation into useful information in a timely manner, with most, if not all complexity of Big Data hard-core technologies shielded from them. Even non-IT experts and end users alike will be able to use GIANT conveniently to uncover useful business insights from the data. Thus, business users will find Fusionex GIANT very easy-to-use and more 'humanised'. Fusionex GIANT handles data management and integration seamlessly and offers descriptive and diagnostic analytics, leveraging 'R' to offer predictive and analytic capabilities.

Another unique differentiator that Fusionex GIANT offers is that its engine facilitates a 'Connect & Collect' activity over and above the standard SPA (Store, Process, Access) for Big Data. With Fusionex GIANT, users will be able to take advantage of this without the need to learn and develop Hadoop capabilities and other Big Data related technologies.

Prospects in the Big Data Market

Based on Wikibon forecasts, the Big Data market is on the verge of a rapid growth spurt that will see it top the $50 billion mark worldwide within the next five years. Wikibon also views that increased interest in and awareness of the power of Big Data and related analytic capabilities to gain competitive advantage and to improve operational efficiencies, coupled with developments in the technologies and services that make Big Data a practical reality, will result in a super-charged CAGR of 58% between now and 2016.

"Big Data is one of the four significant forces of change in the ICT market. The insights available to organisations able to properly analyse and leverage this offer the potential for real competitive differentiation," commented Craig Stires, IDC Analyst. "Big Data and analytics are a critical component of a successful solution, and companies that work across industry and technology domains, like Fusionex, offer important capabilities to organisations looking to accelerate delivery of their Big Data and analytics initiatives."

"Fusionex is an outstanding partner of Microsoft, and we're excited that they've taken the next step forward by being a part of our Big Data partner programme. Big Data is an incredibly hot topic in the industry right now. It is our hope that Fusionex will be able to implement this [Big Data] new technology in with our joint customers and drive significant customer success," said Bob Baker, Director, Microsoft Corp.

"The launch of Fusionex GIANT is a catalyst, a crucial step forward for Fusionex that is part of our roadmap to evangelise how people and organisations use Big Data," said Ivan Teh, Fusionex Managing Director. "We believe that GIANT is a breakthrough, a truly disruptive, innovative and revolutionary product that will help change the way we tame the Big Data challenge. It is our view that 'simplifying', 'humanising' and 'making sense' of Big Data, in a cost-optimised and commercially feasible way, will go a long way in helping organisations derive true business value and achieve their goals. At Fusionex, we constantly challenge ourselves to provide our customers with the best products of the highest quality. With Fusionex GIANT, virtually anyone with minimal training would be able to connect to the designated data sources and derive meaningful and valuable business insight from such data anytime, anyhow, anywhere and in any form. We are excited about the prospects of seeing GIANT being used across the globe and we are confident that this will pave the way for further Big Data announcements that we intend to make surrounding this exciting product."


GIANT is available immediately. For more information, please contact Fusionex at info@adv-fusionex.com. Fusionex will release GIANT updates periodically to all users.

About Fusionex

Fusionex (LSE: FXI) is a multi-award winning provider of enterprise business software through its core transactional engine (CTE) and business intelligence (BI) & Analytics products, notably in relation to addressing the Big Data challenge. Committed to its clients' success, Fusionex helps its clients manage and derive value from their data. Fusionex's products and solutions are ideal for companies seeking superior level yet user-friendly solutions including business intelligence (BI) and Analytics, data management & large databases (Big Data & Cloud based solutions), enterprise mobile solutions, CPM as well as core transactional solutions.

For further information, please visit www.fusionex-international.com.

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